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January 24-26, 2023

Learn more about Acworth’s technology at the Wnt & Beta-Cantenin Conference in January where Acworth co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Jack Leonard, will be presenting our foundational science. (click on image below to go to the conference web site)


Jack will present Acworth's groundbreaking science detailing a vital universal regulatory pathway that controls beta-catenin signaling in all cells.  The loss of this key regulator in cancer is a key driver for uncontrolled proliferation of tumors. 

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Pioneering multi-pathway drugs to treat disease

About Acworth

Restoring cellular control to kill cancer

Acworth Pharmaceuticals has solved a perennial drug development challenge--we can safely and effectively target pathways in cancer while sparing normal cells and tissues. We are a Seed stage company pioneering the discovery and development of first-in-class regulatory therapeutics that kill cancer by restoring normal cellular function based on the novel biology of DKK3.


Acworth uses its deep understanding of DKK3 biology to discover and develop direct-acting regulators that restore normal recycling function to signaling pathways (e.g. Wnt/b-catenin, NFkB, mTOR) that drive proliferation, cell-cell communication, and mobility in cancer.  In many cancers, the ability to return dysregulated signaling molecules to a normal state in the cell is compromised by the loss of key factors that initiate the recycling process.  

Our therapeutic regulators restore the normal recycling function to the disrupted signaling pathway(s), interrupt the signaling cascade, arrest cancer cell proliferation, and initiate cancer cell death.


Our Technology

Reviving the foundation for life.

Acworth’s drugs are cell permeable miniproteins that combine the power of biologics with the cell-entry ability of small molecules.


Because many of the targeted signaling pathways contribute to the cold” cancer phenotype, correcting these defects partnered with immuno-oncology therapeutics offers a real opportunity to expand the treatable tumor landscape.


Our approach revolutionizes the global delivery of biological modulators and offers new therapeutic approaches to refractory disease. 



Acworth’s MEND (Miniproteins that reEstablish Normal Distribution) platform restores normal function to defective cell signaling pathways in disease.


Acworth’s approach utilizes natural functional domains and rationale design to engineer therapeutic miniproteins capable of engaging and defeating intracellular disease targets.

Acworth has solutions for future drug therapies


Almost 1.9 million new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in 2021 in the United States alone; globally, there will be nearly 20 million cases.


In cancers like pancreatic, colorectal, ovarian, melanoma, where β-catenin is a key driver, our drugs will have an impact and provide fuller lives to patients. Acworth‘s technology can do this safely and successfully.


Acworth has a novel platform and unique understanding of how to apply its technologies in cancer and other diseases of hyperproliferation.

We have figured out how to safely and effectively target key pathways in cancer by restoring the function of DKK3b to kill tumors.

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